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The aims of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at DEMM, University of Milan (January 2021- January 2024), are to advance teaching, research and public engagement on Erupean research and innovation policy and its impact on sustainable Services of General Interest (SGIs).

The Jean Monnet Centre of excellence will particularly focus on the socio-economic and environmental impact of European research infrastructures and space infrastructures, raising the awareness of students and citizens on its unique role.

The study of research infrastructures will be based on the analysis of innovative case studies such as the applications of Earth Observation (EO) , i.e., the ability to gather information on different characteristics of our planet through remote sensing technologies (e.g., Sentinels satellites of the EU Copernicus program).

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Università degli Studi di Milano
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
Via Conservatorio 7
20122 Milano MI -Italy
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